Sean Carpenter

About Sean

I work for Venga doing web development in Ruby and back-end development in .Net.

Previously, I worked for Spruce Media primarily doing web development. Much of the work was in .Net but I also did development in Ruby, Rails, and the associated tools.

At my previous job I used NHibernate and ASP.Net MVC to rewrite portions of several public websites. For a while I was very interested in Lucene.Net and did quite a bit of work with that. I was also involved in supporting a couple of Linux systems and have written custom code for an Asterisk PBX system.

I used to work for a consulting company that provides expertise in the area of pharmaceutical sales force metrics. These are things like attainment to goals, sales reporting, and data analysis. My official title was “Senior Database Developer”, but I worked on a bunch of different things. I was most involved in ASP.Net programming, Compact Framework programming, and BizTalk 2004 integration.

Prior to that, I worked at T-Mobile USA where I did database administration and application development. That was a pretty cool job where I got exposure to a bunch of different technologies. I also got to live through several corporate name changes: I joined right after Omnipoint became Voicestream, which was then purchased by Deutsche Telekom and renamed T-Mobile.

Before that, I worked at Ortho Biotech Inc. as a process engineer. My specialties were automated control systems (primarily Allen-Bradley PLCs and Wonderware InTouch SCADA systems) and high-purity water systems.

I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Penn State.

Hiring Me

I’m available for consulting/contracting on web and mobile apps via the company I run with my wife: Clever Armadillo LLC. You can contact me at or (267) 482-0491 for those requests.


  • Poplar: Poplar is a contact management solution aimed at small businesses trying to keep a handle on their contacts and sales prospects. It helps you spend more time making sales and less time keeping track of them.
  • Easy Score Keeper: A score keeping app for board games, card games, or any game with rounds and a score. With a focus on simplicity it’s easy to enter scores and get back to playing your game.
  • Romote: A Roku streaming player remote control for the iPhone and iPad. I wrote this primarily for my own use but it has a few noteworthy features including correct handling of dictation in text entry areas and a separate iPad layout. Romote also includes a Roku sleep timer.
  • Baseball Field Layout: An app that helps you lay out a baseball field for practice or a casual game. You can choose between three standard field sizes (60′, 70′, 90′) and get a field laid out with all 3 bases, home plate, and the pitcher’s mound.
  • Easy Pitch Counter: A pitch counting app for Little League baseball for the iPhone. This is focused on counting the number of pitches a pitcher throws and keeping track of the current count against a batter. There’s also a web backend to let you share the info with parents and other coaches.
  • Armadillo Group Text: Armadillo Group Text is a service that allows group organizers to send text messages to the members of their groups. Groups can be created and maintained on the site and sending a message to a group is as simple as a few clicks.
  • is a full-text bookmark indexing service. Instead of just tracking the link and title for bookmarks, downloads the content of pages you bookmark and indexes them. So finding something you bookmarked isn’t a matter of remembering titles or tags - just search for the content you’re looking for!