Sean Carpenter

Baseball Field Layout Released

It’s spring (or nearly so anyway) and that means it’s time for Little League baseball season to get started. I have a great time coaching my son’s team: organizing practices, coming up with lineups, coaching the games. But one thing that’s at a premium where I live is fields to practice on. With a lot of baseball and softball teams there isn’t much chance to practice on an actual field. However, there are plenty of open, grassy areas to practice at various schools, parks, etc. - the only problem is the lack of a baseball diamond.

CLLocation Extensions

I’ve been working on a new iOS project that uses CoreLocation to determine some points. While CLLocation has a method for determining the distance between two locations (distanceFromLocation:) it doesn’t have one for doing the opposite: calculating a second location based on a distance (and bearing) from the first.

Scraping Web Pages With Ruby

Ideally every site or service that you wanted to get information from in an automated fashion would provide an API. But until that becomes a reality, page scraping is a useful technique to have in your toolbox.

Putting a UISwitch in a UITableViewCell

Due to the ubiquitousness of using UITableViews to display various types of UIs in iOS, many different types of content end up inside UITableViewCells. One common approach involves putting a UISwitch inside a table cell to represent an on/off setting: