Sean Carpenter

Announcing Armadillo Group Text

The company that I run with my wife (Clever Armadillo LLC) just released a new service, Armadillo Group Text.

The purpose of Armadillo Group Text is to allow organizers of small groups to send text announcements to their members. It’s ideal for coaches to notify their players of changes to a game or for a business association’s director to let members know that a meeting has been moved. Any group that needs to notify members in a timely fashion can benefit from using Armadillo Group Text.

This is my first time using Twilio and it’s been a joy so far. The API is simple to use (especially with the help of the twilio-ruby gem) and has been solid. The ease of use has me wondering what kind of project I could do to utilize their voice services.

If you need to send a message to a group, give Armadillo Group Text a try.