Sean Carpenter

Ro to Sleep - a New Roku Sleep Timer

About two years ago, I had an idea to add a sleep timer to the Roku remote control iOS app that I had written, Romote.

Since then, the sleep timer functionality has been used thousands of times by hundreds of people. During that same time, the Roku remote control provided by Roku has increased in usefulness adding some of the features I found most useful in Romote.

Considering those facts, I decided to take the Roku sleep timer functionality from Romote and make it a stand alone app:

Ro To Sleep adds the same great sleep timer capability to your Roku with a simple interface that lets you get your timer set without any fuss. On devices that support it, Ro To Sleep lets you set a timer right from your home screen using 3D Touch.

Ro To Sleep is free to use up to 5 times - you can make sure the sleep timer meets your needs before having to commit any money. After that, a one-time in app purchase unlocks unlimited use of the sleep timer. Use of the timer has the same caveats as the Romote timer:

  1. You must have an internet connection for the sleep timer to work.
  2. Ro To Sleep can’t control your TV. This means that Ro To Sleep will stop playback on the Roku but your TV will remain on. If you want to also turn off your TV, you’ll have to use whatever timer capability is built in to the TV.

For anyone that has purchased Romote, the timer built-in timer capability will continue to work for at least the next 6 months, but Romote itself won’t continue to be developed.

Head on over to the iTunes store and get your copy of Ro To Sleep and enjoy falling asleep knowing that your Roku won’t be playing all night.