Sean Carpenter

CPOSC 2013 Presentation Notes

Thanks to everyone who came out to see my presentation at CPOSC yesterday.

I’ve posted a copy of my slides on SlideShare. Here’s a list of resources that I’ve used in setting up nginx, Unicorn, and Capistrano.

Sample Project

Here’s the Github repository for the small example I showed at the end of the presentation. In the sample_config_files directory there are a few files that are not actually part of the Rails project but instead are config files that would be found on the server:

  • nginx_site.conf: This is an example of the nginx configuration used to proxy requests to Unicorn
  • unicorn_init: I didn’t talk about this in the presentation, but this is an example of a file that can be placed in /etc/init.d and used to start Unicorn on machine startup
  • cposc.conf: This is the project-specific configuration file used by the above unicorn_init.




Capistrano recently released a new version (3.0) that makes some changes to how Capistrano is configured and runs. I’ve only used the 2.x version and that’s what I covered in my presentation. The Capistrano website has information on the new version; I’ve used the Github wiki when setting up version 2.x.


These are the Linux hosts I mentioned during my presentation; there are certainly a lot more.


Thanks to all of the other speakers and the conference organizers for an enjoyable day. I also had a fun lunch discussion with Scott, Stefan, Samrat, Hector, Jeff, and Nathan (sorry if I missed anyone!).

If you have any questions about my presentation, feel free to reach out on Twitter or by email.